1 in every 5 LGBTQ+ people avoid public institutions or services – like schools, police, and medical care – fearing discrimination and harassment.

Midwest Rainbow is making those institutions safer for our LGBTQIA+ community

Promoting equality through enlightenment

Welcome to the Midwest Rainbow Research Institute

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The Institutionalized Closetization of the Queer Identity

 The Institutionalized Closetization of the Queer Identity


This is what changing our systems look like:

LGBTQIA+ Research

We publish groundbreaking research that combines historical, political and psychological perspectives to promote equity through enlightenment. All of our research is free to access!
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Professional DEI Training

Institutions should be safe for the providers that work there and the community they serve. Using a comprehensive approach we help create the foundation for a responsive, effective organizational culture.
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Policy Consultation

Policy is not simply a list of rules, but a reflection of organizational values. We assist in the advising of policy, practices, and procedures to enshrine accountability to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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Here's what we've been able to accomplish together...

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Midwest Rainbow helps craft the historic bill banning conversion therapy in...

Kansas City, MO
Roeland Park, KS
Lawrence, KS
Prairie Village, KS
Independence, MO


Giving LGBTQ-identifying first responders a place to be heard

Midwest Rainbow joins MARC's 911 Peer Support Team!

Photo of a firefighter preparing for the job.
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We've provided LGBTQ-focused DEI trainings for 14 different organizations and institutions including emergency medical services, law enforcement, public schools, health departments, and more.

We are currently the only LGBTQ organization that is Peace Officer Standards in Training (POST) certified.